Raise Children In A Good Way

Daniel Hull

Welcome to Minogi'aawaso, which means "Raising children in a good way!" and is the teaching vision of Strong Heart Bear, Daniel Hull. Dan is an Ojibwa Elder and has been leading a life of service for nearly three decades volunteering in a number of ways according to his vision, dream, and following his heart. He has worked in foster care with at-risk students in various schools. He also serves as a spiritual adviser in the Wisconsin prison system. Dan facilitates 4-day Native ceremonies twice per year and has done this for the last 14 years. His life and vision are to be a servant of the people. The mission of this site is to serve parents and children in the sacred teachings of the native ways and to honor the importance of the children as our future leaders. As always, Dan's teaching is all-inclusive and for ALL people.


All nations, all faiths, one prayer.